The Schoenstatt Fathers Community is at the service of the Schoenstatt Family in many different ways. One of the services we provide is the production of written material to deepen our understanding and relationship with God and the Blessed Mother. Here are five ways we can live out the Schoenstatt Spirituality in a deeper way:

Knowing our founder. For the Catholic Church, the founders of religious communities communicate an experience of God expressed in a spirituality that can be lived out by others. Recommended reading material:

Prayer. We grow closer as a family of God the more we pray together. Recommended reading material:

Schoenstatt Heroes. The men and women who have demonstrated their faith through charity, with help of the Schoenstatt Spirituality show us the path to holiness. Recommended reading material:

Living our spirituality. How do we live out Schoenstatt on a day-to-day basis? Recommended reading material:

Schoenstatt History. Fr. Kentenich was always convinced that Schoenstatt originates from a divine initiative. He often spoke of our family history as a holy history guiding us to the Trinity. Recommended reading material:

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