Request for book reviews

One of the most difficult parts about getting to know Fr. Joseph Kentenich is just the sheer quantity of his writings. To make his books more accessible we would like to ask you, his followers to write a very brief book review on any Schoenstatt books you have read lately. Reviews can be sent to, should be 350-400 words and follow this layout:

Personal takeaway

How did this book help you, the reviewer, personally?

Ideas for pastoral use

Apart from personal reading, is there any ways this book can be used effectively in a group setting?


  • “Read chapter 3 together for its contribution on the history of the development of the Covenant of Love through history.”
  • “Split up chapters 3,5,6,7 among the group members and have one person present a synthesis on each chapter.”
  • “A diocesan movement could host a 4-session, 2 hours/session leadership conference on this book, and each session could have two presenters and discussion time.”


How does the book read? Is it dense or difficult to understand? Does it have a lot of typos? Is it well typeset? Are there any chapters that could simply be skipped over?


Do you recommend this book? To whom would you recommend it?